26 January 2012

Funny Wombat

On the way to track-out camp today we saw a man walking a very small fluffy grey dog. Wombat saw them and immediately yelled out "Look! Lint on a leash!"

05 December 2011

Olde Time Wombat

The Wombat has been studying "100 years ago" in school.

Me: So would you like to live 100 years ago?
Wombat: No way! Have you seen their Mickey Mouse? He was really creepy looking!

11 November 2011

Innocent Wombat

Wombat: Look! I drew a picture of our dream house for if we win like $300 in the lottery or something. See here's the water slide, and here are our beds! One for me, one for you, and one for Mommy

Robert: Oh so Mommy and Daddy wouldn't sleep in the same bed any more?

Wombat: Yes. *sadly* I know we can't afford two beds right now so that's why you just share one big bed.

05 September 2011

Wombat Incorporated

We'd done a baking project in the kitchen and Wombat's "station" was quite messy!

Me: Wow! You made a mess!
Wombat: *with pride* Yup. Mess provided by Sarah....Incorporated.

13 August 2011

Defeated Wombat

Me: Wombat, please clean up the cat throw-up in the hallway.

Wombat: Whyyyyy??? You saw it first!

Me: I'm making you a pannini for lunch.

Wombat: *glares* You win THIS time.....

14 July 2011

Right Wombat

Today I went grocery shopping and asked her if she wanted cantaloupe or cherries. She said "Daddy doesn't like cherries" so I got the cantaloupe. Tonight the following conversation ensued:

Robert: Why did you tell Mommy I don't like cherries?
Wombat: Well, maybe you can be right next time?

Direct Wombat

After Wombat's shower last night she was discussing shampoo and conditioner with Robert:

Wombat: I like the clean scents. What do you like?
Robert: Well my shampoo smells like rosemary and mint and my conditioner smells like almond butter. I like that combination.
Wombat: Do you think you'll ever try the stuff made for men?