31 August 2010

Feet of Wombat

While driving:

Wombat: What does that number mean? *points to painted number on a concrete barrier*
Robert: Could mean a lot of things. What number piece it is. How many feet to the end of this section...
Wombat: Whose feet? Your feet? My feet? Cat feet?

Beautiful Wombat

Wombat likes to watch me put on my makeup in the morning.

Wombat: *applies a little lip balm* How do I look?
Me: You look beautiful! How about me?
Wombat: You look like a supermodel's mom!

08 August 2010

Wombat on Marriage

Out of nowhere today in the car, the following conversation with my daughter:

Wombat: Mommy, can girls marry girls and boys marry boys?
Me: Well I think they should be able to. I think grown ups should be able to marry any other grown up they love.
Wombat: Me too. *thinks for a while*
Wombat: I don't want kids.
Me: That's okay. You don't have to. You also don't have to decide yet.
Wombat: They'd mess up my room. I want to always have a neat home.
Me: *refrains from commentary about the state of her bedroom..her desk...her art area...*
Wombat: I think I want to marry a girl. Boys are stinky.
Me: They are?
Wombat: Well not good boys. Though if I married a boy I would make sure he had his own room so he could decorate it the way he wanted and I could have my room the way I want.