28 January 2009

Dinnertime Wombat

At dinner tonight:

Me: What did you have for lunch today?
Sarah: Well...macaroni and cheese, oranges and peas.
Me: That sounds good.
Sarah: I didn't eat the peas
Robert: Oh? Why not?
Sarah: They didn't have vitamins!
Robert: How do you know that?
Sarah: I tasted them. They didn't taste like they had vitamins. They just tasted bad.

Thoughtful Wombat

On the way to school/work this morning:

Me: Say "bye Daddy! bye Daddy's car"!
Sarah: Bye trees!
Sarah: Bye branches that fell off the trees!
Me: what?
Sarah: They have feelings too!

20 January 2009

Nutritional Wombat

Sarah was playing a game on pbskids.org about different foods, identifying nutrition and other features.

She comes to a part about identifying foods that have a "peel, shell or husk."
Sarah: *clicks on the pizza.*
Computer: "That doesn't have a peel, shell or husk!"
Sarah: *frustrated* "Yes it does! You have to peel off the pepperoni!"

11 January 2009

Logical Wombat v 2.0

This morning Robert and I were lying in bed when Sarah came in and jumped on the bed.

Robert: No bouncing on the bed Sarah!
Sarah: Then why is it so big?

07 January 2009

Safety Wombat

In the car this morning:

Me: Are you ready to go?
Sarah: Wait I need to get on my seat belt.
Me: Ok.
Sarah: Okay I'm ready!
Me: Let's go!
Sarah: I always have to put on my seat belt.
Me: That's right.
Sarah: And I never take it off while we're driving.
Me: Yes, that would be very dangerous.
Sarah: And everyone would spank me.*
Me: Everyone??
Sarah: Yes. Well except Vicky. She's my friend. I love her.

*Disclaimer: Despite my daughter's words I do not beat her on a regular basis