14 July 2010

Starter Wombat

In the kitchen we were talking about how big Wombat is getting.

Robert: You can't possibly be my little daughter! You're big and tall and you can walk around all by yourself. I can hold my daughter in just one arm!

Wombat: Daddy! That was when I was Starter Sarah.

11 July 2010

Wombat has a Stick

We bought a wooden dowel to fix a hobby horse that Wombat had gotten for her birthday. There was about 1" left over and she asked if she could use it for a craft. OK. Today she showed it to me.

Wombat: Look! I made a dream stick!
Me: Oh look! What's a dream stick?
Wombat: It's a stick which you draw things you dream on it.
Me: That's pretty cool. What did you draw?
Wombat: Well this one means I want to be green
Me: Um okay. Why do you want to be green?
Wombat: Because then everyone would say "Sarah is awesome!"

(For those curious the other dreams included being able to fly, being strong, and being able to play the drums).

10 July 2010

Fishy Wombat

Robert: What do you want for dinner?
Wombat: Fish sticks!
Robert: What part of the fish do you think fish sticks come from?
Wombat: The inside!