23 December 2009

Wombat Eve

I have a sister named "Eve" who Sarah adores.

Sarah: Daddy, why is it called "Christmas Eve?" Why does Eve get her own Christmas?
Robert: Well Eve is her name, but when we call a day a name and then "Eve" it means the day before.
Sarah: So the day before my birthday would be "Sarah's Birthday Eve?"
Robert: Well..I guess technically.

Sarah: *thinks on this for a bit*
Sarah: Daddy, why is Eve called "the day before"?

19 December 2009

Fairytale Wombat

Towards the end of watching Disney's "Enchanted" I turned to Robert and said...

Me: Why do the bad guys always fall to their doom?
Sarah: Because they are always standing on top of stuff.


Word to evildoers in Disney films everywhere - keep your feet on the ground!

03 December 2009

Miss Manners Wombat

"Look Mommy! I can close my eyes politely!"