25 September 2010

Critic Wombat

In the car:

Wombat: Turn on the radio, Mommy!
Me: *turns on the radio. "Genie in a Bottle" comes on.
Wombat: I don't like this song
Me: What? Why? Christina Aguilera is awesome!
Wombat: No. She THINKS she is awesome.

11 September 2010

Smart Aleck Wombat

Wombat: *finishes a project* That was fast, wasn't it Mommy?
Me: Yes it was.
Wombat: Super fast?
Me: Yes, super fast.
Wombat: Super duper extra fast! *grins at me*
Me: Don't be a smart aleck.
Wombat: What's a smart aleck?
Me: *thinks how to explain*
Wombat: Oh, like Daddy?

02 September 2010

Tails of the Wombat

While emptying Wombat's lunch bag at the end of the day I thought I saw the strawberries I had packed this morning.

Me: Wombat, why didn't you eat your strawberries?
Wombat: I did! I just left the tails.

and yes indeed, there were only the crowns left.