21 December 2008

Gourmet Wombat

Sarah: Mommy may I have a piece of cheese please?
Me: Sure! Here you go *hands piece of cheddar*
Sarah: Do we have monster cheese?
Me: No sorry, we're out.
Sarah: Oh.
Me: and it's MUENSTER cheese not monster cheese.
Sarah: No! It's Monster - with an M not a W!!

Suffering Wombat

Today we were doing some housecleaning. Sarah decided to do it in her dress up blue princess dress. We flopped down on the couch for a few minutes to take a break and this came up.

Sarah: I am wearing my Cinderella dress.
Me: And it's very pretty!
Sarah: I need to wear my Cinderella dress to clean because she cleans a lot.*gives me a suffering look*
Me: *heart breaks at the injustice of making a little girl clean up her own crayons*

Literal Wombat v 2.0

While watching TV a "Sketchers" commercial comes on. For those who don't know, these are teen age marketed "cool" sneaker type shoes.

Sarah:Mommy, what are sketchers?
Me: They are just a brand name for shoes and sneakers
Sarah: Oh. Okay
Me: They are overpriced shoes and sneakers if you ask me
Sarah: *not rude, just completely curious* Who asked you?
Me: .....

17 December 2008

Morning Wombat

Me: I am going to wear my shawl, I don't think I need a full coat today.
Sarah: Do you need half of one?

Sarah: Mommy what happens if someone who doesn't wear makeup puts on make up?
Me: *confused* I'm sorry, what do you mean?
Sarah: *pauses* I...don't know.

14 December 2008

Wombat Meets Santa

They had a winter carnival at Sarah's pre-school this Friday. While Sarah has identified Santas in malls and such as "fake" apparently this one was real.

Sarah: Mommy! I met Santa today!
Me: The real one?
Sarah: Yup!
Me: How'd you know this one is real?
Sarah: Well...he said he came in his flying magic Jeep.
Me: Oh? Where were his reindeer and sleigh?
Sarah: They were too busy getting ready for Christmas.
Me: That's a good reason. So what did you tell him you wanted for Christmas?
Sarah: I didn't tell him anything. He's Santa and he should already know!

Hygenic Wombat

Yesterday we were brushing our teeth.

Me: Don't brush too hard or you'll break down your teeth
Sarah: Okay, I just need to get this really big germ in the back!
Me: A big one?
Sarah: Yup *brushes*
*a few moments pass*
Sarah: *shows me toothbrush* I got him! See!