21 July 2009

Important Wombat

This morning in the car:

Me: Sarah, you never really told me what you did at school yesterday!
Sarah: Well, I played in the sandbox, and played with legos.
Me: Oh. Did you learn anything interesting?
Sarah: We still keep learning about the rules! *frustrated*
Me: What rules have you learned?
Sarah: The important ones.

16 July 2009

Honest Wombat

Sarah: So Mommy, at school they have a cafeteria and you can buy lunches there!
Me: Oh really?
Sarah: And they have pizza!
Me: But do they have healthy stuff?
Sarah: Well...they have green beans there.
Me: Are you going to eat green beans.
Sarah: Well...no.
Me: And that's why I make you lunch.

15 July 2009

Counselor Wombat

Robert: It's time to go to bed now Sarah. Go brush your teeth.
Sarah: But Mommy said we were going to put my laundry away!
Robert: Oh, I'm sorry we just didn't get around to it tonight.
Sarah: *huffs* Daddy you should really listen to your wife more often!

10 July 2009

Kindergarten Wombat

Yesterday was Sarah's first day of Kindergarten!

Me: Sarah, so what did you do today at school?
Sarah: mumbles and rolls her eyes
Me: Oh come on, it was your first day of Kindergarten, you must have done SOMETHING
Sarah: Mommy, if I told you everything I did it would take FOREVER!!!

Minimizing Wombat

(from July 7, 2009)

Me: So how was the cookout at camp?
Sarah: It was good!
Me: What did you have?
Sarah: Well I ate some cheetos.
Me: Oh? How many?
Sarah: 2!
Me: 2 cheetos?
Sarah: Um....*looks sheepish* 2 bags?

07 July 2009

Trendy Wombat

Sarah has graduated preschool! She is in camp this week except for 1 "phase in" day for kindergarten and then starts kindergarten full time next week.

I was informed last night that "No one brings lunchboxes. Everyone brings lunch bags."

I think I lost a few "cool mom" status points.