21 February 2009

Unfinished Wombat

I found this in my drafts. I guess I never finished it - must have been called away. I wish I could remember how it ends...

I was showing Sarah a new game online. She was all set up and playing just fine for a few minutes till...

Sarah: Mommmmmy it's not working!
Me: Oh, just let go then try again..

A minute later...

Sarah: Mommmmy...it's not working!
Me: No, see you're doing it!
Sarah: Oh.
Me: Apparently it works when I'm looking!

A minute later...

Farmer Wombat

"Mommy, are pancakes in season?"

20 February 2009

Awesome Wombat

It's Friday night..we're watching music videos.

My daughter is jumping, shaking her hair, and playing air guitar to Bon Jovi's "It's My Life".

Admit it. That's awesome.

18 February 2009

Delegating Wombat

Sarah: What are we going to do tonight, Mommy?

Me: Well I think we should tidy the apartment. It looks a bit messy.

Sarah: Yeah, you guys made a mess.

Me: Excuse me? The coffee table is covered with YOUR toys.

Sarah: Well it's YOUR apartment!

13 February 2009

Meteorologist Wombat

This morning there were some somewhat unusual cloud formations in the sky.

Me: Sarah, look at the clouds! They are all feathery and puffy.
Sarah: That's silly!
Me: It does look pretty though.
Sarah: I think the clouds didn't know what to do this morning so they decided to be silly!

07 February 2009

Curious Wombat

After a long day of walking around....

Me: Sarah, let's finish up here. I think my feet are going to fall off.
Sarah: Mommy, don't be silly. Your feet can't fall off.
Me: I don't know, they feel like it.
Sarah: Well if they do, can you let me know so I can see?

Lunchtime Wombat

Location: Sarah and I at the food court at the mall. Sarah has a slice of cheese pizza.

Sarah: I love pizza!
Me: I see. Why do you flip it over and eat it upside down?
Sarah: Because then the cheese touches my tongue!

Good point. I think I'll eat pizza that way from now on.

06 February 2009

More Dinnertime Wombat

I hope this blog is encouraging people to eat with their kids.

Last night:

Me: Sarah, do you want to try some broccoli with cheese on it?
Sarah: No. We have that at school and I don't like it.
Me: Just one bite? Please?
Sarah: *looks at it suspiciously* Well okay.....*bites*..
Me: Is it good?
Sarah: Yes! It's not like the broccoli and cheese they have at school. That cheese is yellow and comes in a block.
Me: Ah. See, that's not really cheese.
Sarah: Oh. It's not good.