29 June 2010

Journaling Wombat

Wombat finished kindergarten today. She brought home a journal that she had been working on all year. The kids would write in their journals every day or so. They could write or draw pictures or both. She drew almost every day and wrote most days. As expected, some days were exceedingly cute or clever and other days she obviously wasn't as focused or motivated. It was an interesting look into our child's psyche, especially the one page which had no drawing, just the words...

"I like brains"

15 June 2010

Nutty Wombat

Wombat: Daddy can I finish the cashews?
Robert: Sure, but ....you have to name every single one of them!
Wombat: Okay I name them all... Awesome
Robert: That's not fair you goofy Wombat! You can't name them all the same thing!
Wombat: Okay then I name this half Awesome and the other half....Salty
Robert: I give up. Enjoy.

08 June 2010

Smart Wombat

Me: So I ordered your birthday presents last night!
Wombat: Ooh, what did you get me!
Me: I'm not telling! You're just going to have to wait.
Wombat: Never!
Me: Yes.
Wombat: Tell me!
Me: You can't make me.
Wombat: I can make Daddy!
Me: I will get to him first - I'll email him to not tell you.
Wombat: I will blank out his mind when I see him tonight.
Me: Oh yeah? How are you going to do that?
Wombat: I'm not telling since you won't tell me what I'm getting for my birthday.
Me: Hmm. Well I guess that's fair.
Wombat: See how smart I am?
Me: yeah...

07 June 2010

Ambiance Wombat

Wombat: *picks up left over McDonald's Happy Meal bag*
Wombat: "This would make a great air freshener! It smells like french fries!"

01 June 2010

Wombat and Cats

Wombat: Will that umbrella fit our whole family?
Me: Well no, I think it wouldn't fit everyone.
Wombat: Would it fit you, me and a cat?


Me: Ugh we are missing every light....Wombat, I blame you.
Wombat: Hey! Not me! Blame the cats!