26 September 2008

Outside the Lines Wombat

Sarah loves to draw. We ran out of regular paper the other day and I found this old sketchbook of mine so I passed it along to her.

She drew an alligator!

24 September 2008

Stereotyping Wombat

Sarah: Mommy! Look I drew a super hero! He has little legs but he can run very fast!
Me: Oh. Very nice. It's a boy superhero? (she usually draws girls)
Sarah: Yeah. He doesn't have earrings and he has short hair so he has to be a boy!

So....need to work on those gender stereotypes I see...

Countdown Wombat

There is something ingrained in little kids that makes them fear an adult counting backwards.

All I have to do is count "5....4.....3...." and Sarah shapes right up.

I really should come up with an action plan just in case one day she calls my bluff and lets me get to 1.

19 September 2008

11 September 2008- 3-D Wombat

Sarah has been SO into drawing lately and she is really getting better.

Yesterday she drew a great picture (for a 4 year old) of the cats. They have fur, whiskers, fangs, claws (and big smiles). I asked her where the tails are..she turned the paper over and had drawn them on the back *giggle*

Thursdays she has show and tell. She brought a tennis ball. Oookay but whatever. In the car we had this discussion:

Sarah: My tennis ball eats tika birds (I have no idea what a tika bird is).
Me: Oh that's sad for the poor tika birds
Sarah: Well they aren't alive!
Me: Oh what happened?
Sarah: They don't live very long. That's just the way it works!
Me: I see. Where does the tennis ball get tika birds?
Sarah: Well they come from far away - and you need wings like a pegasus to get to them!
Me: So the tennis ball can fly?
Sarah: No. Tennis balls can't fly! ...I don't know how he gets them.
Me: Okay.

07 September 2008- Literal Wombat

I love how little kids are ridiculously literal and don't get pop cultural references.

Robert (being silly of course): Talk to the hand!
Sarah: Hi hand!

30 August 2008- Innocent Wombat

Yesterday morning in the car on the way to Sarah's school, Sarah suddenly said "There's a yellow license plate! That's silly! You can't have a yellow license plate!" I responded, "Of course you can. I think that one is from New Jersey. Every state has their own plate! I think ours is white with blue or red lettering, I can't remember." Sarah asks, "Can we check?" So I agreed when we got to school we'd check.

At school.

Me: See! There's our license plate. It's white with red lettering.
Sarah: *touches the blue grass and airplane pattern in the background*.."ooooh...*then concerned* Mommy, I wasn't the one who colored on it!"

29 August 2008- Negotiations Wombat

In which my daughter learns the value of negotiations...

Robert: Sarah, it's time to get up!
Sarah: If you let me sleep in today, I'll let you sleep in tomorrow!

23 August 2008- Logical Wombat

I love child logic.

Sarah has an Elmo plushie with a backpack which has a zipper and can have things put in it.

Sarah: I am putting Elmo's toys in his backpack.
Me: Oh? Which ones are his toys?
Sarah: *annoyed* The ones in his backpack.

19 August 2008- Life, The Universe and Wombat

Sarah seems to really have an interesting connection with nature, the planet, and the way things work.

"Look! I can see the moon during the day! What a nice gift!"

This morning in the car: "Mommy, look at the invisible moon!"

About getting bit by fire ants yesterday "They weren't being mean, I just fell on their house."

In the meat department at the grocery store "Hello cows! mooo! Hello pigs! oink oink!"

16 August 2008- Observational Wombat

"Toddlers have toes just like people!"

06 August 2008- Reverse Wombat

The other day I bought Sarah chewable vitamins. When I got home R and I realized, 4 yr olds today have NO idea who the Flintstones are.

Sarah and I have a little joke now when I drop her off at school. She says "Have a nice day at school, Mommy!" and I say "Have a nice day at work, Sarah!" She thinks this is hilarious.

03 August 2008- Truthful Wombat

Sarah: I'm drawing a monster. But he's a nice monster.
Robert: Is he a Daddy monster?
Sarah: No! I said he was a NICE monster.

02 August 2008- Disappointed Wombat

Back story: Robert is a bit dismayed lately that Sarah has shown such preference for my car since it's new and shiny and well his is...not. Yesterday he showed her the lift up arm rest in the back and told her it was a "secret compartment".

Sarah: Mommy! Did you know that Daddy's car has a secret compartment???
Me: It's not a secret if you tell people, silly.
Sarah: *looks like I kicked a puppy*
Sarah: *turns to Robert completely serious*...it's not a secret any more.

27 July 2008- Catchup Wombats

While I was getting ready to go to Finland:

Me: I'm going to miss you so much, Sarah.
Sarah: I'm not going to miss you.
Me: *hurt* you aren't?
Sarah: Nope. I know you're coming back!

Later on that day she had to endure me giving her about a million hugs and kisses because I told her I had to "stock up"... Nothing odd, right?

A few days later from Finland I Skype Robert and he tells me that Sarah said she's "starting to miss mommy because she probably has used up all her hugs by now."

Last night at hhgregg we were looking at clothes washers/dryers. Sarah tried to open one of those huge front loader washers. She pulls on it for a minute and then stops, sighs and says "I guess I need to eat more vegetables!"

05 July 2008- Exhausting Wombat

You know you're a parent when...

...you find yourself saying "I'm sorry sweetie, but Mommy's too tired to explode."

30 June 2008- Teacher Wombat

Last night Sarah and I were looking at icanhascheezburger.com...

We came to this one:

Me: Sarah, look! Baby ducks!
Sarah: That's right mommy, and they are called ducklings!

18 June 2008- Birthday Wombat!

Happy Birthday to my dear Sarah!!! She is 4 today.

Relatively good mood from her this morning. She wanted cereal but she didn't eat much. I got the chewable multi into her at least. She gets a party at school (I will pick up her cake midday today) and then tonight we are going to the mall with her for dinner and to buy her something from the Sanrio store (her request).

then home for her to see the huge pile of pressies her relatives have sent :) I can't wait.

Okay on with today's story entitled: "Kids remember what you say about them."

The setting: In the car while driving her to school.

Sarah: Mommy, we're going to the beach tomorrow?
Me: No sweetie, we're going on Friday
Sarah: Why?
Me: Because tomorrow we have school, work and other stuff to do.
Sarah: Oh. But they have toys at the beach!
Me: We will bring toys.
Sarah: Why?
Me: Because they don't have toys at the beach. We will bring some.
Sarah: We don't have beach toys.
Me: I will buy some
Sarah: Why?
Me:...*circular conversation is circular*...Why do you ask so many questions?
Sarah: Because I don't have buttons.
Me: You don't have buttons?
Sarah: I don't have buttons to turn me off!
Me: *dies*

20 May 2008- Accidental Wombat

I love accidental humor...

This morning:

Me: Sarah, go pick out a toy to bring for naptime!
Sarah: Okay..what should I bring?
Me: How about horsie?
Sarah: *shakes her head no* neigh!

Me: *dies*

29 April 2008- Too Much Information Wombat


Sarah: *sniffles*
Me: Yeah..I'm sniffly too.
Sarah: My sniffles have rocks in them!

22 April 2008- Standup Wombat

Sarah has learned about knock knock jokes and such from school. So Robert, Sarah and I were sitting around exchanging various riddles resulting in much laughter, but none brought about as much laughter as THIS:

Me: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Sarah: Why?
Me: To get to the other side!
Sarah: *maniacal laughter*..

a minute later

Sarah: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Me: Why?
Sarah: To get to the other side!
Robert and I: *giggles*
Sarah: And then a car hit him! *claps hands together*


06 March 2008- Escapist Wombat

In the car this morning (as always)...

Sarah: When I grow up I'm going to have a baby named Belle!
Me: Aww..that's cute.
Sarah: Then we'll both be mothers!
Me: Yup :)
Sarah: Will you always be my Mommy?
Me: Always. You're stuck with me.
Sarah: No I'm not! You're stuck with Daddy!

29 February 2008- Storytelling Wombat

Today in the car:

Sarah: I'm going to tell a story!
Me: Okay.
Sarah: Once upon a time there was a pink tree. She was grown up and lived with her mommy and daddy but she didn't go into the woods.
Me: She didn't go into the woods?
Sarah: No. It's not a scary story.
Sarah: The tree and her mommy and daddy all went to work.
Me: Oh? What do they do at work?
Sarah: *exasperated* They make money!
Me: Ah.
Sarah: Then they bring the money home and share it with allll of their neighbors.
Sarah: And the fairy.
Me: What does the fairy look like?
Sarah: She goes ALLLL the way to the ceiling. She has pink skin and blue hair. She wears a purple dress with um...green spots and a red cookie!
Me: Does she have wings?
Sarah: Yes! they are red and pink and purple and silver and brown and black and ....
...*trails off into muttering to herself*

Our rides to school in the morning are very interesting. I need an audio recorder in there.

07 February 2008- Perspective Wombat

This morning I was running a bit late. Sarah's been starting to get dressed by herself and I am trying to praise her for this. She comes out dressed in appropriate clothing (jeans, t-shirt, jacket, socks, fresh undies) so I praise her.

Me: Wow sweetie, you got dressed by yourself! That is a big help for me. Good job!

She grins sort of sheepishly and follows me into the bathroom where I finish applying my makeup.

Sarah: Wow good job mommy! you got dressed all by yourself! You did a great job!
Me: ....
Me: Sarah, are you being sarcastic?
Sarah: Yes.


So now i know not to lay it on QUITE so thick :) I am impressed at her level of humor though as a 3 yr old (4 in June).

11 January 2008- Outspoken Wombat

Yesterday I looked around Sarah's classroom and spotted a display where kids had drawn pictures of their pets and then dictated a short sentence or two to put under them (they are 3 and a half - no writing yet.) Most of the kids' were something like "I have a dog. He plays with me."

Sarah's? "I have a camel. He goes down the slide with me. He likes to eat grapes."

And this morning in the car:

Sarah: *mumbles something*
Me: I'm sorry sweetie, can you speak up? My ears aren't working right today.
Sarah: Are they out of batteries?


Sarah: Mommy, is it raining?
Me: *looks up* It looks like it's thinking about it.
Sarah: *indignant* Mommy! The sky doesn't think!
Me: Yes...yes you're right.

24 December 2007- Odd Wombat

I was in the bathroom with Sarah putting on makeup and she was being her silly self so I said "Are you my silly bug?"

Sarah: I'm not a bug!
Me: Well sometimes we say things that sound cute to people but they really aren't those things. It's called a term of endearment. Like if I call you "honey" I don't really think you're honey - or if Daddy calls me "kitty" he doesn't think I'm actually a kitty.
Sarah: Or if Daddy calls you lightbulb?
Me: ...*sighs and decides it's not worth correcting* yes, or when Daddy calls me a lightbulb o.O

14 December 2007- Wishful Wombat

In the car this morning...

Me: Sarah, what do you want from Santa?

Sarah: Well...a new tree (Ours has a missing section of lights - this is really sweet since she thinks of the family first instead of herself.)

Me: Okay. Anything else?

Sarah: A sign! A pink one.

Me: .... What should the sign say?

Sarah: It should say "be careful" so people drive careful.

Me: *wipes eye*...okay anything else?

Sarah: A car.

Me: A toy car?

Sarah: Yes (whew) - and one of those.

Me: One of what?

Sarah: *points out window* those.

Me: The orange and white things?

Sarah Yeah.

Me: You want a traffic cone for christmas?

Sarah: Yes.

Me: They are very heavy and they are there to show people the road is not finished yet.

Sarah: I can lift it! And we can use the "be careful" sign!

Me:...(what can you say to that logic?) I'll get you something nice...

10 December 2007- Distribution Wombat

Sarah loves tuna fish sandwiches. Making them involves a little ritual. She gets out the tuna, bread (whole wheat thankyouverymuch), can opener, mayo, and a fork. I get a plate and make the sandwich (always cut into four triangles btw.) When I drain the tuna I drain it into a small dish for the cats, Freya and Chii. Sarah loves to give the tuna water to the cats while I am making the sandwich.

Anyway, so this Saturday I was draining the water from the tuna and Sarah pipes up "Mommy, can I give Freya that cat juice?"


15 October 2007- Goddess Wombat

If for no other reason I encourage parents to eat dinner at the table with their children because of the absolutely outrageous things they say.

Sarah: It's getting dark out.
Me: Yup.
Sarah: The sun is going away. It's going to the airport. It's my sun and when it's light out it'll come back to my house!

So you all know - My daughter owns the sun, and it goes to the RDU airport at night.

23 September 2007- Assurance Wombat

As I am now 31 and spend WAY too much time in front of the computer. I've started wearing some +1.50 glasses for work and I decided to bring them home for the weekend for once. I put them on this evening preparing for tonight's homework as I was feeling a bit eye-strained.

Me: *wears glasses*

Sarah: Mommy, you look like a nerd!

Me: *sighs and resists urge to strangle child*

Sarah: Mommy, you look like a nerd! I love your glasses!

Me: *feels reassured - I have not failed in parenting*

24 August 2007- Imagination Wombat

The only bright spot today has been listening to Sarah play on her own. I've never seen two ducks and a plastic phone discuss how to get into a small box full of blocks. It's really quite fascinating.

21 August 2007- Context Wombat

From this weekend.

Sarah is 3. My grandmother was visiting this weekend. My very Jewish grandmother. We keep a religiously eclectic household. It's lunchtime and we're all sitting around the table. Sarah gets up from the table and retrieves an apple from the fruit bowl. She puts it down in front of me and says "Here! This is Christmas dinner!" and runs off.


16 August 2007- Direct Wombat

At dinner last night:
Sarah: "Noses don't have hands!"

Last time we had a big storm:
Sarah: "Wow! that's was blue!"

At dinner a few nights ago:
Sarah: *drops something*
Me: "Sarah, are you clumsy?"
Sarah: "Yes, I'm clumsy like YOU mommy!"

28 May 2007- Random Wombats

I sometimes make Sarah "octo-dogs." For the uninitiated, THIS is an octo-dog. Sarah takes a strange delight in ripping off their little legs. She always eats the head last.

The child will eat steamed broccoli plain...without prompting. She also thinks nori strips are a great snack.

Sarah had a little cup of ice cream for dessert. You know the ones. They hold about 2oz of ice cream with a peel off lid that's fun to lick. She sat down at the table with her ice cream. Ate it and chatted, didn't get ice cream on herself or the table. Afterwards took her little cup to the garbage and put her spoon in the sink.

I'm 31 years old and I still don't succeed in doing all that all the time.

Sarah has a tiny strawberry mark on the side of her stomach. It's about the size of a dime. Comment tonight while eating was to say "Is my spot still there? *peek down (not lifting up shirt or anything) and then gives me grin* YUP! It's still there!"

Sarah loves her "spot" - especially since Chii the cat has one too.

BTW, I apparently am 5 years old.

28 March 2007- Conversational Wombat

From the files of "Things I never said till I became a parent:"

(All tonight..)

"Peeps do not have skin!"

"How did you get pasta sauce on your back?"

"Yes, milk
good for your elbows."

24 February 2007- Perpetual Wombat

A toddler playing with a kitten.

Otherwise known as a perpetual motion machine.

28 November 2006 - Holiday Wombat

So Sarah was her usual adorable self over the holiday. She ate WAY too much candy to the point where she was begging for it. Yeah, we chucked out most of the sugary stuff in the apartment after my sister left.

Some cute-isms from Sarah:

Calling my sister Eve "Eef"
Waffles are called "awfuls"
She referred to candy canes as "toothpaste"

Sarah now has the balance and awareness to play "horsie!"

Now if I could just get her to start referring to herself as "I" instead of "Sarah" so she doesn't sound like Bob Dole..

22 November 2006 - E-Wombat

Sarah is definitely a child of the new millennium. Tonight she was sitting on the counter and went through some junk mail there. She picks up a credit card offer, rips open the envelope and says "ooh look! e-mail!"

31 October 2006 - Assorted Wombats

Saturday we went to the mall. Sarah has always been a very good child, and one thing she does very well is stop when told to do so. We were walking through Crabtree and she starts to take off. I yell out "SARAH! STOP!". She FREEZES like she's playing freeze tag. A woman walks by and says "wow. that's well trained!" *parents beam with pride*.

Sunday we went to the playground. Sarah coaxed me onto the slide which was lots of fun :) On our way back she was looking for a "pretty rock" and picked up an acorn. I explained to her that acorns are not rocks, but seeds which, if everything is right, will grow up to be trees!. She picks up a few acorns and throws them in the air yelling "Grow up, trees!"

We were playing on her bed and I got a headache. I just lay my head down and said "mommy is going to sleep now!" she said "mommy wake up!" I said "no, mommy rest." So she picks up a TINY blanket and carefully draped it over me then pet me on the head *giggle*. (I got up after a minute and played with her again after popping some excedrine).

Last night I made her "octodogs". She LOVED them, and played with them excitedly for a bit. Then she handed them to me to "open". Apparently octodogs are only yummy if your mother pulls the legs off first so you can pop the head in your mouth then eat the legs afterwards. She ate 4 octodogs and half a thing of yogurt last night (1 hot dog makes 2 octodogs). Very easy so I think I'll make them for her more often :)

13 October 2006 - Priorities Wombat

Me: *trying to do homework*
Sarah: *standing on a chair peering over my shoulder*
Me: *tries to do homework and fails*
Me: Sarah, do you want to learn about the external uses of the statement of cash flows?
Sarah: No. *gets off chair and leaves, taking the piece of cookie I had in front of me with her*

03 September 2006 - Fashion Wombat


My darling daughter is currently wearing a yellow checked romper, gold and silver embroidered sandals, a pink flowered hat, purple metallic sunglass, and a plastic opalescent orange beaded necklace.

now the question is - do I let her leave the house like this?

22 June 2006 - Fearless Wombat

I love to hear Robert talking to Sarah over the baby monitor...take this conversation from this morning:

Robert: Do you want to go in the car today?
Sarah: YEAH!!!

Robert: Do you want to be thrown down a swirling time vortex of death?
Sarah: WHEEEEE!!!

09 April 2006 - Houdini Wombat

The girl has mastered door knobs.

Child containment must become a bit more involved now. Yay.

20 March 2006 - Precious Wombat

parental moments which make me smile :)
Sarahholding out her arm after she falls down for me to kiss it better...

realizing the child has smeared my 18" flatscreen monitor with my favorite lip balm..and finding it funny.

having my hair "brushed" with a very slobbered on baby comb which has probably been sat on by the cat.

getting a kiss from my daughter without asking for one.

listening to Sarah insist that fish are called "shoes".

having special "in" jokes with her.

Watching her sleep in her "big girl bed."

29 September 2005 - Hungry Wombat

hands sarah a piece of hot dog and says "would you like a piece of hot dog sarah?" she takes it, looks at me shocked and says "doggie?!??!?!?!" ..then shrugs and eats it

26 August 2005 - First Wombat

So I am feeding Sarah scrambled eggs and a peach for lunch. Whenever I go to get her a bite of egg I blow on it to make sure it's not too hot...after a few bites, she starts pointing to the bowl and making a blowing noise :))

Okay, it would have been better if she had said "Mother dearest, I would greatly appreciate it if you could perhaps give me another taste of those scrumptious eggs."...but I'll take what I can get ;)