26 April 2009

Modest Wombat

While helping Sarah get dressed.

Me: You look really cute today Sarah. I can't take the cute!
Sarah: *grins* no one can!

24 April 2009

Sneaky Wombat

This morning I was making Sarah lunch.

Me: Sarah you need some fruit in your lunch. Do you want an orange or a banana?
Sarah: mmm..I want raisins.
Me: Are you allowed to have raisins or is that too much like a snack?*
Sarah: Well if we don't ask then they can't say no.


She got an orange.

*a month or so ago I packed 6 Doritos in with her lunch and both Robert and I were given a talking to. Snacks are not permitted in lunches. Preschool lunch is serious business.

19 April 2009

Observations of the Wombat

This morning Sarah was watching Chii drink water out of her bowl.

Sarah: She's drinking through the holes in her tongue, right?
Me: What? No, cats don't have holes in their tongue. Why would you think that?
Sarah: Then how do they get the water into their body fast enough when they are licking it?
Me: Well their tongue sort of scoops it up little by little.
Sarah: Oh. Holes would work better.

15 April 2009

Nutritional Wombat

Sarah: I'm hungry!
Robert: You could finish the rest of your chicken from dinner
Sarah: No. My chicken spot in my stomach is full. I need to fill another spot.

Classifying Wombat

It is interesting to look at how young children perceive and apply gender.
This morning in the car:

Sarah: *holds up stuffed ram toy* This is lambie!
Me: Oh, but it's a RAM
Sarah: Yes, a lamb!
Me: No a ram, it's a boy with horns. It's a boy sheep. A lamb is a baby sheep which wouldn't have horns like that yet.
Sarah: I know it's a boy!
Me: Okay.
Sarah: I know if all my toys are boys or girls.
Me: Oh? What are the blocks?
Sarah: They are nothing.
Me: Really?
Sarah: They don't have faces.

12 April 2009

Easter Wombat

We set up a basket for the Wombat to find on Easter morning. I had bought some of the components just the night before and while I was there I also bought some batteries which I inadvertently left out next to the basket.

This morning:

Sarah: Mommy! Look! The Easter Bunny came and brought me a lot of stuff including - LOOK!!!! batteries!!!!

07 April 2009

Zoological Wombat

Robert and Sarah were playing with stuffed animals. Robert was playing with a bear and Sarah was playing with her favorite toy: "Horsie".

Bear: "I'm hungry! I want to eat something!"
Horsie: "I know where we can eat some grass!"
Bear: "No, I don't eat grass. I like eating things like Horsies!"
Horsie: "Hey, there's an elephant we can eat!"
Bear: *looks at Horsie* "Horsies eat grass, they don't eat elephants!"
Horsie: "Well, there's grass IN the elephant!"

01 April 2009

Emergency Wombat

Tonight while Robert was going to get the mail:

"Don't worry Daddy, if you get hit by lightning I'll call 991!"