24 January 2010

Bailout Wombat

Wombat: Daddy, why don't we have many small spoons?
Robert: Well, when you were a bit younger you used to throw them out with your yogurt and it took a while for Mommy and I to catch on.
Wombat: Oh. Do I have to pay you back?

20 January 2010

Where is Wombat?

Wombat: Daddy, why didn't we finish that box of stuffing on the fridge?
Robert: *argh* stop pointing out what we didn't do! *laughs* I'm going to get you!
Wombat: *pulls blanket over her head* um..Sarah's not here right now.

17 January 2010

James Bond Wombat

In the car:

Wombat: Mommy, does your car have an ejector seat?
Me: What? No of course not.
Wombat: Oh *disappointed*
Me: I think that would be a bad idea
Wombat: Because Daddy would use it?

05 January 2010

Snap Wombat

Robert was trying to teach the Wombat how to snap her fingers. She was having a difficult time of it.

Robert: It's okay. I think I was 8 before I could get it.
Me: I was older too before I knew how to snap my fingers.
Wombat: Yeah. Ow. All I know how to do is hurt myself.

Christmas Wombat

We had a lovely Christmas this year. Here are a few choice comments from the Wombat.

After opening a car racing set: "Oh! I gotta try that sometime!"

On play-doh: "It's the kind you can build stuff with!"

On being told a note on a present says it is "from Santa": "Why doesn't it say love?"