27 September 2009

Spotting Wombat

Robert was lying on his stomach on the bed and Sarah was lying on his back, playing with his hair.

Sarah: Look, our hair is about the same color!
Me: Yup? Anything interesting in there?
Sarah: *ruffles* I found his head! With no hair on it.
Robert: *whimpers*
Sarah: Here, I'll try and cover it up *ruffles*.
Robert: *fake sobs*
Sarah: It didn't work very well!

26 September 2009

Wilting Wombat

Gazing sadly at a wilting rose in a vase:

Sarah: Mommy, I think that flower is done with life.

23 September 2009

Fulfilled Wombat

Sarah loves to clean the cats' litter box with me. I can actually use it as a reward as in "If you don't finish more of your dinner you can't help me clean the litterbox."


Wombat: Arizona Edition

This should be dated August 5th, 2009.

Sarah went to Arizona to see my dad, step mom and grandfather. My sisters took her with them. Robert and I couldn't go due to work complications. Fortunately Eve kept a record of some wombat moments. This is therefore a guest wombat post!

"wombat: this is my baby pony.
eve: oh, what's his name?
wombat: i don't want to name it, OK Eve?

I start talking during play time
wombat: ok, can we go back to playing?

wombat can't sleep, so we put on madagascar 2. next day, discussing movie, wombat says "i laughed myself right to sleep!

in bathroom
wombat: girls can see girls privates, and boys can see boys privates.
...pauses, thinks for a minute....
wombat: why can only girls see girls privates and boys can only see boys privates?

(she didn't want to answer that one)

discussing sleep/ nightmares and dreamcatchers, wombat turns to me and says:
wombat: I'm going to make a dreamcatcher so YOU (points to eve) don't have nightmares!


19 September 2009

Overdue Wombat

I am extremely behind on my wombat updates. For now, please accept these two from today:

Sarah: I have been really thirsty today.
Me: Well water is good for you! It helps you get all the bad stuff out of your bodys.
Sarah: How does it do that?
Me: Well it goes through your kidneys and they filter all the icky stuff.
Sarah:. Oh! Do adults have grownup knees?


"Grass don't have birthdays. They aren't tall enough to celebrate".