29 November 2008

Artistic Wombat

Sarah loves to draw. Today she showed me a drawing which she described as herself swimming in the ocean...

Sarah: And this is a seahorse that she caught!
Me: Oh, so she's fishing?
Sarah: No *exasperated* She's seahorsing!

24 November 2008

Wombat of Doom

This is what Sarah drew this evening:

Parachute Chaos

The picture is described by her as "People falling into the mud of doom. Daddy is the only one smart enough to remember a parachute."

Wise the Wombat is....

Sarah knows about Santa.

Sarah: Santa flies in a sleigh with reindeer!
Me: Yup. That's pretty cool!
Sarah: He's just imaginary though.
Me: Well. (hey, I didn't tell her that)..yes, but he's still fun.
Sarah: It's fun to pretend!

She goes along with all the Santa stuff including wanting to do the lap thing at the mall, but there's no getting anything by this kid - she completely understands he's not real. More interesting - she's completely willing to and enjoys playing the game of pretending he is real just for the fun of it. I know adults that don't get that concept.

Wombat is mortified

In the car on the way to the home of friends including a little girl named Vicky whom Sarah ADORES.

Sarah: The cats are furballs!
Robert: You're a furball!
Me: Daddy's a furball!
Sarah: Yeah because Daddy has a fuzzy face!
Me: And fuzzy legs and arms..
Robert: And a fuzzy butt
Sarah: *horrified!* Daddy! Don't say that! That's a bad bathroom word!
Robert: Oh okay I'm sorry.
Sarah: Don't say that at Vicky's!
Robert: I won't...
Sarah: Do you PROMISE? *exasperated*
Robert: *both of us choking back laughing* Yes, I promise.

And thus we enter the age of embarrassing our daughter.

(of course we had to relay the story to our friends and thus broke our promise, but only in the story telling..)

Flattering Wombat

Sarah thinks I am awesome for knowing Christmas songs by heart and singing them to her - no matter how much I'm off key.

20 November 2008

Wombat and Santa

This morning in the car:

Me: So what do you want for Christmas?
Sarah: A Pegasus with wings that can fly!
Me: Well um..that might not fit under the tree.
Sarah: *exasperated* no, a TOY Pegasus...that flies.
Me: I am not sure if they make that, but I'll see what we can do.
Sarah: And do you know why Santa only comes when we're asleep?
Me: Why?
Sarah: Because he likes it quiet!
Me: I guess he does!
Sarah: Santa has a mustache
Me: And a beard! Like Daddy!
Sarah: No, just a mustache, but it's very long and messy!

05 November 2008

Electoral Wombat

I took Sarah to go vote with me last night. Thank goodness there were no lines. There were three teens running a "Kids Vote" thing which was wonderful because I could concentrate on the ballot, and Sarah got to go "vote". They vote by circling the candidates they want.

Sarah: Mommy! I voted!
Me: Yay!
Sarah: So did horsie! *holds up plushie horse* look! she got sticker!
Volunteer: Horsie is a Republican!

Dreams of the Wombat

Yesterday morning on the way to school:

Sarah: Mommy *sighs* My dreams will never come true.
Me: *heart breaks* Oh sweetie....What are your dreams?
Sarah: I dream of pony land!
Me: Well, pony land can always be true in your imagination.
Sarah: Does that count?
Me: It sure does!
Sarah: Yay!

01 November 2008

Colorful Wombat

Sarah was going through one of her workbooks. The page said to "color the objects red". So she does.

Sarah: Mommy, look! I'm coloring them red like the instructions say!
Me: Good job!
Sarah: But I don't color the stem of the apple or the strawberry because those aren't red.
Me: Okay. That makes sense. What about the windows on the firetruck?
Sarah: Windows are clear, right?
Me: Yup!
Sarah: Well I don't have clear crayons.