22 November 2010

Secretive Wombat

In the car the other morning:

Me: So what do you have today?
Wombat: I have art! I want to use those things that are like crayons but they break easier.
Me: What?
Wombat: You know - they are like crayons. But they break. A lot.
Me: *thinks back to art classes* Oil pastels?
Wombat: Yeah!
Me: Oh neat, you are using oil pastels? What did you draw?
Wombat: *sighs* I don't want to talk about it.
Me: Come on, tell me please!
Wombat: Never!
Me: Please? I want to know
Wombat: Oh, look, isn't that tree pretty?
Me: *grumbles* I'll see it in your folder at the end of the week anyway
Wombat: Joke's on you! They hung them up in the hallway at school!

Weather Wombat

This morning the fog was extremely thick and although eerily beautiful it did garner some questions from the Wombat:

Wombat: Why is there fog?
Me: It has to do with changing temperatures I think. It's water vapor. Basically it's a cloud on the ground.
Wombat: Silly cloud, don't be lazy! Get in the sky where you belong!