31 May 2009

Justifying Wombat

Me: Sarah, why did you put your fingers on the TV screen? You shouldn't do that.
Sarah: Well it's not like I licked it!

18 May 2009

Confused Wombat

Yesterday we were sitting at the dining room table eating lunch. Chii jumped up on the table to go after Sarah's tuna fish.

Sarah: Chii is silly!
Me: Yes, she is *shoos cat away*
Sarah: She and Freya are both silly
Me: Well they are sisters. Actually they are litter mates.
Sarah: What's a litter mate?
Me: Well cats usually have more than one baby at a time - often 3 or 4 - and when they have a group of kittens like that we call it a "litter"
Sarah: Oh! *with sudden clarity* Cat litter!

06 May 2009

Affectionate Wombat

In the morning when Robert was leaving for work:

Robert: *blows kisses to both of us* Bye! I love you!
Me: *blows kisses* Bye! Love you!
Sarah: Daddy! Come here. My kisses can't fly!

02 May 2009

Efficient Wombat

Sarah: Look mommy! I found a lint roller!
Me: That's great! You can rub that on things which have cat hair!
Sarah: I know! I already rubbed it on the cats.

10 minutes later:

Sarah: Look at baby pasha! *holds up stuffed animal* I used the thing you don't rub on cats on her!