19 September 2008

11 September 2008- 3-D Wombat

Sarah has been SO into drawing lately and she is really getting better.

Yesterday she drew a great picture (for a 4 year old) of the cats. They have fur, whiskers, fangs, claws (and big smiles). I asked her where the tails are..she turned the paper over and had drawn them on the back *giggle*

Thursdays she has show and tell. She brought a tennis ball. Oookay but whatever. In the car we had this discussion:

Sarah: My tennis ball eats tika birds (I have no idea what a tika bird is).
Me: Oh that's sad for the poor tika birds
Sarah: Well they aren't alive!
Me: Oh what happened?
Sarah: They don't live very long. That's just the way it works!
Me: I see. Where does the tennis ball get tika birds?
Sarah: Well they come from far away - and you need wings like a pegasus to get to them!
Me: So the tennis ball can fly?
Sarah: No. Tennis balls can't fly! ...I don't know how he gets them.
Me: Okay.

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