19 September 2008

14 December 2007- Wishful Wombat

In the car this morning...

Me: Sarah, what do you want from Santa?

Sarah: Well...a new tree (Ours has a missing section of lights - this is really sweet since she thinks of the family first instead of herself.)

Me: Okay. Anything else?

Sarah: A sign! A pink one.

Me: .... What should the sign say?

Sarah: It should say "be careful" so people drive careful.

Me: *wipes eye*...okay anything else?

Sarah: A car.

Me: A toy car?

Sarah: Yes (whew) - and one of those.

Me: One of what?

Sarah: *points out window* those.

Me: The orange and white things?

Sarah Yeah.

Me: You want a traffic cone for christmas?

Sarah: Yes.

Me: They are very heavy and they are there to show people the road is not finished yet.

Sarah: I can lift it! And we can use the "be careful" sign!

Me:...(what can you say to that logic?) I'll get you something nice...

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