19 September 2008

18 June 2008- Birthday Wombat!

Happy Birthday to my dear Sarah!!! She is 4 today.

Relatively good mood from her this morning. She wanted cereal but she didn't eat much. I got the chewable multi into her at least. She gets a party at school (I will pick up her cake midday today) and then tonight we are going to the mall with her for dinner and to buy her something from the Sanrio store (her request).

then home for her to see the huge pile of pressies her relatives have sent :) I can't wait.

Okay on with today's story entitled: "Kids remember what you say about them."

The setting: In the car while driving her to school.

Sarah: Mommy, we're going to the beach tomorrow?
Me: No sweetie, we're going on Friday
Sarah: Why?
Me: Because tomorrow we have school, work and other stuff to do.
Sarah: Oh. But they have toys at the beach!
Me: We will bring toys.
Sarah: Why?
Me: Because they don't have toys at the beach. We will bring some.
Sarah: We don't have beach toys.
Me: I will buy some
Sarah: Why?
Me:...*circular conversation is circular*...Why do you ask so many questions?
Sarah: Because I don't have buttons.
Me: You don't have buttons?
Sarah: I don't have buttons to turn me off!
Me: *dies*

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