19 September 2008

27 July 2008- Catchup Wombats

While I was getting ready to go to Finland:

Me: I'm going to miss you so much, Sarah.
Sarah: I'm not going to miss you.
Me: *hurt* you aren't?
Sarah: Nope. I know you're coming back!

Later on that day she had to endure me giving her about a million hugs and kisses because I told her I had to "stock up"... Nothing odd, right?

A few days later from Finland I Skype Robert and he tells me that Sarah said she's "starting to miss mommy because she probably has used up all her hugs by now."

Last night at hhgregg we were looking at clothes washers/dryers. Sarah tried to open one of those huge front loader washers. She pulls on it for a minute and then stops, sighs and says "I guess I need to eat more vegetables!"

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