19 September 2008

28 May 2007- Random Wombats

I sometimes make Sarah "octo-dogs." For the uninitiated, THIS is an octo-dog. Sarah takes a strange delight in ripping off their little legs. She always eats the head last.

The child will eat steamed broccoli plain...without prompting. She also thinks nori strips are a great snack.

Sarah had a little cup of ice cream for dessert. You know the ones. They hold about 2oz of ice cream with a peel off lid that's fun to lick. She sat down at the table with her ice cream. Ate it and chatted, didn't get ice cream on herself or the table. Afterwards took her little cup to the garbage and put her spoon in the sink.

I'm 31 years old and I still don't succeed in doing all that all the time.

Sarah has a tiny strawberry mark on the side of her stomach. It's about the size of a dime. Comment tonight while eating was to say "Is my spot still there? *peek down (not lifting up shirt or anything) and then gives me grin* YUP! It's still there!"

Sarah loves her "spot" - especially since Chii the cat has one too.

BTW, I apparently am 5 years old.

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