19 September 2008

31 October 2006 - Assorted Wombats

Saturday we went to the mall. Sarah has always been a very good child, and one thing she does very well is stop when told to do so. We were walking through Crabtree and she starts to take off. I yell out "SARAH! STOP!". She FREEZES like she's playing freeze tag. A woman walks by and says "wow. that's well trained!" *parents beam with pride*.

Sunday we went to the playground. Sarah coaxed me onto the slide which was lots of fun :) On our way back she was looking for a "pretty rock" and picked up an acorn. I explained to her that acorns are not rocks, but seeds which, if everything is right, will grow up to be trees!. She picks up a few acorns and throws them in the air yelling "Grow up, trees!"

We were playing on her bed and I got a headache. I just lay my head down and said "mommy is going to sleep now!" she said "mommy wake up!" I said "no, mommy rest." So she picks up a TINY blanket and carefully draped it over me then pet me on the head *giggle*. (I got up after a minute and played with her again after popping some excedrine).

Last night I made her "octodogs". She LOVED them, and played with them excitedly for a bit. Then she handed them to me to "open". Apparently octodogs are only yummy if your mother pulls the legs off first so you can pop the head in your mouth then eat the legs afterwards. She ate 4 octodogs and half a thing of yogurt last night (1 hot dog makes 2 octodogs). Very easy so I think I'll make them for her more often :)

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