24 September 2008

Stereotyping Wombat

Sarah: Mommy! Look I drew a super hero! He has little legs but he can run very fast!
Me: Oh. Very nice. It's a boy superhero? (she usually draws girls)
Sarah: Yeah. He doesn't have earrings and he has short hair so he has to be a boy!

So....need to work on those gender stereotypes I see...


VeggieAmanda said...

Go you! I am sure she is not getting the gender stereotypes from you. It is a shame that they are so heavily ingrained into our culture.

polarbee said...

TJ has been informing me for the past week that she is a big boy. If referred to as a girl, "No! I'm a big boy!"
Upon being asked, she states, "Mommy, you cut my hair so I'm a boy."

Of course! It's all so simple! Don't want your daughter to be a lesbian? Make sure she keeps her hair long. Want a "good strong heterosexual" boy? Buzz that hair right off!

The right wing really should look into this. It's just the answer they've been looking for.