25 October 2008

Lessons of the Wombat

Sarah has been into making up games. Today she was rolling a ball into a bucket on the floor. I saw her do it once and then say "Yay! I did it! I get to the next level!"

(Okay we play too many games around her..but keep reading, the cute gets better).

She changes the angle of the bucket slightly, does a few more "levels" so I say "That looks like fun can I play!"

Sarah: Sure! We're going to make this tricky though. *She puts down the bucket so I am now looking at the side of the bucket.*
Me: Hmmm...*tries to be clever by getting the ball to curve, bouncing it off the wall, etc...fails*
Sarah: Silly mommy. This is how you do it.

She picks up the ball, and goes to sit across from the hole of the bucket and then of course easily rolls it in. She rolls her eyes and says "See mommy, you can do it if you sit over HERE. See? HERE *points to spot on the floor with her foot*"

Wombat thinks outside the box.

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