24 November 2008

Wombat is mortified

In the car on the way to the home of friends including a little girl named Vicky whom Sarah ADORES.

Sarah: The cats are furballs!
Robert: You're a furball!
Me: Daddy's a furball!
Sarah: Yeah because Daddy has a fuzzy face!
Me: And fuzzy legs and arms..
Robert: And a fuzzy butt
Sarah: *horrified!* Daddy! Don't say that! That's a bad bathroom word!
Robert: Oh okay I'm sorry.
Sarah: Don't say that at Vicky's!
Robert: I won't...
Sarah: Do you PROMISE? *exasperated*
Robert: *both of us choking back laughing* Yes, I promise.

And thus we enter the age of embarrassing our daughter.

(of course we had to relay the story to our friends and thus broke our promise, but only in the story telling..)

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