10 March 2010

Wombat the Mighty

Wombat: *rawwr rawwr rawwr* I'm a monster! I ate Sarah!
Me: Oh no! That's horrible!
Wombat: *rawwwr rawwr rawwr runs away for a moment*
Wombat: I'm back! I'm OK!
Me: Oh that's a relief!
Wombat: I killed the monster!
Me: Wow, you must be very powerful to do that.
Wombat: Yeah, but I fixed him. He's OK now.
Me: that was very nice of you.
Wombat: He lives in your closet.
Me: MY closet?
Wombat: Yeah but he goes to the dump during the day.
Me: Then he goes into my closet? That sounds messy.
Wombat: It's okay. I clean him up.

The Closet

The Monster

1 comment:

polarbee said...

Well any monster with flowers for hands can't be that bad. :)