22 November 2010

Weather Wombat

This morning the fog was extremely thick and although eerily beautiful it did garner some questions from the Wombat:

Wombat: Why is there fog?
Me: It has to do with changing temperatures I think. It's water vapor. Basically it's a cloud on the ground.
Wombat: Silly cloud, don't be lazy! Get in the sky where you belong!


Pamela said...

Lazy cloud, indeed! Glad it listened to here. It made for some beautiful bucolic scenes and some crazy drivers.

IB said...

When I pulled out of the driveway this morning:

L: Mom, go that way! (Pointing left).
Me: Why? That's not the way to school
L: Because I want to go be in the fog.

Cue a very confused explanation from me about how we were actually surrounded by the fog but you can't see it when you are in it. I FAIL at explaining stuff like that to kids. He was so confused.