19 September 2008

11 January 2008- Outspoken Wombat

Yesterday I looked around Sarah's classroom and spotted a display where kids had drawn pictures of their pets and then dictated a short sentence or two to put under them (they are 3 and a half - no writing yet.) Most of the kids' were something like "I have a dog. He plays with me."

Sarah's? "I have a camel. He goes down the slide with me. He likes to eat grapes."

And this morning in the car:

Sarah: *mumbles something*
Me: I'm sorry sweetie, can you speak up? My ears aren't working right today.
Sarah: Are they out of batteries?


Sarah: Mommy, is it raining?
Me: *looks up* It looks like it's thinking about it.
Sarah: *indignant* Mommy! The sky doesn't think!
Me: Yes...yes you're right.

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