19 September 2008

07 February 2008- Perspective Wombat

This morning I was running a bit late. Sarah's been starting to get dressed by herself and I am trying to praise her for this. She comes out dressed in appropriate clothing (jeans, t-shirt, jacket, socks, fresh undies) so I praise her.

Me: Wow sweetie, you got dressed by yourself! That is a big help for me. Good job!

She grins sort of sheepishly and follows me into the bathroom where I finish applying my makeup.

Sarah: Wow good job mommy! you got dressed all by yourself! You did a great job!
Me: ....
Me: Sarah, are you being sarcastic?
Sarah: Yes.


So now i know not to lay it on QUITE so thick :) I am impressed at her level of humor though as a 3 yr old (4 in June).

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