19 September 2008

29 February 2008- Storytelling Wombat

Today in the car:

Sarah: I'm going to tell a story!
Me: Okay.
Sarah: Once upon a time there was a pink tree. She was grown up and lived with her mommy and daddy but she didn't go into the woods.
Me: She didn't go into the woods?
Sarah: No. It's not a scary story.
Sarah: The tree and her mommy and daddy all went to work.
Me: Oh? What do they do at work?
Sarah: *exasperated* They make money!
Me: Ah.
Sarah: Then they bring the money home and share it with allll of their neighbors.
Sarah: And the fairy.
Me: What does the fairy look like?
Sarah: She goes ALLLL the way to the ceiling. She has pink skin and blue hair. She wears a purple dress with um...green spots and a red cookie!
Me: Does she have wings?
Sarah: Yes! they are red and pink and purple and silver and brown and black and ....
...*trails off into muttering to herself*

Our rides to school in the morning are very interesting. I need an audio recorder in there.

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