29 June 2010

Journaling Wombat

Wombat finished kindergarten today. She brought home a journal that she had been working on all year. The kids would write in their journals every day or so. They could write or draw pictures or both. She drew almost every day and wrote most days. As expected, some days were exceedingly cute or clever and other days she obviously wasn't as focused or motivated. It was an interesting look into our child's psyche, especially the one page which had no drawing, just the words...

"I like brains"


Pamela said...

She's either going to be a neurosurgeon OR she's a giant Jonathan Coulton fan (I vote for the latter!).

How cool to hear she's getting early intro to journaling. It sounds like she and I have similar style-some days more focused than others and some days you just gotta lay it out there with a short,sweet, to the point declarative statement! Congratulate her on her achievement for me!

"Wombat is AWESOME" - my journal entry today ;o)

jk said...

Pamela - I hope both ^_^.
If they don't keep up the journaling in 1st grade I'm going to encourage it at home.

Pamela said...

I am glad the two aren't mutually exclusive...all neurosurgeons should have a strong appreciation for JoCo!

I wish I had started journal writing at her age, though I can only imagine the amount of journals that would take! Thank goodness for the electronic age and 750words.com!