11 July 2010

Wombat has a Stick

We bought a wooden dowel to fix a hobby horse that Wombat had gotten for her birthday. There was about 1" left over and she asked if she could use it for a craft. OK. Today she showed it to me.

Wombat: Look! I made a dream stick!
Me: Oh look! What's a dream stick?
Wombat: It's a stick which you draw things you dream on it.
Me: That's pretty cool. What did you draw?
Wombat: Well this one means I want to be green
Me: Um okay. Why do you want to be green?
Wombat: Because then everyone would say "Sarah is awesome!"

(For those curious the other dreams included being able to fly, being strong, and being able to play the drums).

1 comment:

Pamela said...

Well, that's one dream already achieved. The Wombat *IS* awesome...and green is a great color choice!