12 January 2011

Bieber Wombat

While driving the Wombat to school:

Wombat: Mommy, all the girls in my class have a crush on Justin Bieber
Me: Really? Do you?
Wombat: Well...no.
Me: I didn't know first graders even knew what a crush is! Do you know what a crush is?
Wombat: Mommmmm *huffs and gives off a vibe of general embarrassment*
Me: Geez. Sorry!
Wombat: Trinity really loves him. She dresses like a small teenager. Trinity missed a whole day of school to go to a Justin Bieber concert!
Me: Wow!
Wombat: I would never do that! School is more important than concerts. Even Justin Bieber concerts.
Me: *resists the urge to hug my daughter since I am driving a vehicle at 45mph* That is very responsible of you.
Wombat: I know. I'm weird.
Me: I love you.
Wombat: I love you too, Mommy.


Pamela said...

WHEW! I thought it was gonna say that Wombat had a crush on Bieber. Go Wombat. She's not weird. She's AWESOME!

Stacey said...


CoolMama said...

It's great to be weird. :D Weird and geeky is the new cool. Word.